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User Manual

iClaim - Easy to use software that allows professional patent attorneys, patent agents or inventors, to check and renumber patent claims.

iClaim Check

   The improved iClaim Check algorithm works more
   accurately and now handles claims sets including
   canceled claims and claims in an amended form.
   Screen Capture : [1]

iClaim Renumber

   The improved iClaim Renumber algorithm lets you
   make the final decision when it detects ambiguity.
   Screen Capture : [1]

iClaim Configuration

   Allows you to customize the operation of iClaim Check by:

   1. Letting you choose between US and EP modes (Region).

   2. Letting you decide which errors you wish to be informed
       of (Active Error Messages)

   3. Letting you teach iClaim Check terms you consider to
       be commonly used and which you think are to be allowed
       following “the” without being alerted for
       Missing Antecedent (MyWords).

   Screen Captures : [1] [2] [3]

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