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Law Office Computing

Dec/Jan '05 Issue

Reviewed by Russell Jackman, vice chairman of the State Bar of
California Law Practice Management & Technology committee 2004
to 2005.

One of the most amazing elements of iClaim is it integrated
into Word so seamlessly, I actually had a hard time finding
exactly where it was on my machine.

…it really can help out a law firm doing heavy patent reviews
generated in Word.

iClaim didn't slow down any of Word's functionalities and was
perfectly crash-free, despite all the extra add-ins, macros and
other fanciful junk that I have loaded into my computer throughout
the years.

Discounts are given for larger licenses, but the $399 price seems
reasonable to have this program as part of the patent review arsenal.
If it keeps even two or three patents from being returned for manual
review, it pays for itself.

"I have been turned on to iClaim, a software tool by ibrux software,
and it is close to the greatest thing since sliced bread.
If you are a patent practitioner, there is no excuse not to have this
The tool is a Word add-in tool that analyzes claims and helps with
renumbering claims. The claim analysis checks proper numbering of the
claims, but also finds incorrect antecedent basis in independent and
dependent claims. There is nothing more painful for me than to labor
through 75 detailed claims and make sure that I used "downstream
devices" properly in one set of claims and "customer displays" in
another set. The tool quickly finds problems, notes them using Word's
comment fields, and lets you analyze what the problems are with
the claims.
The other beautiful part of iClaim is that you can select a group of
claims and have it renumber them by entering an offset value.
For example, if you delete claims 10-13, you select claims 14 on up
and have it renumber with an offset of -4. All the independent and
dependent claims are renumbered properly, keeping the proper
dependence. In my book, when iClaim found one error that I could
have missed and would have had to file an amendment to correct,
it paid for itself.
ibrux has a trial version that is downloadable from its website.
I just received my legal copy and won't write another application
without this very useful tool."

            Russ Krajec

             Registered Patent Attorney
             Krajec Patent Offices, LLC, Berthoud, Colorado

"My Firm tested the iClaim program and found it very useful for the
checking of claim sets for errors in dependencies, antecedent basis,
claim numbering and other technical aspects of claim drafting.

The program streamlines the checking and double-checking of
claims which is required of all patent drafters. We plan on
implementing the technology throughout the Firm."

            William DiSalvatore

             Senior Partner
             Hale and Dorr LLP

“We, at Ehrlich & Partners, have been using iClaim ever since the
first beta version came out. It does not write your claims for you
but it gives greater freedom to the claim writer to concentrate on
the substantive issues. The claim renumbering utility allows me to
write a first draft of the claims and then add new claims where they
naturally belong in between the existing claims. The formality
checking utility shows no mercy on issues such as antecedent basis,
and regular use of the utility has made my own initial claim writing
more rigorous as a result. In short you write better claims, and your
valuable proofreading time can concentrate on the substantive issues.”

            Dr. Gal Ehrlich, Patent Attorney

             EHRLICH & PARTNERS
             G. E. Ehrlich (1995) Ltd.

“The iClaim software is being used regularly by all our patent
attorneys, who find it a great tool for double-checking their claims.
No application leaves our firm without first passing through the
iClaim Check.”

            David de-Vries

             Reinhold Cohn & Partners

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