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User Manual
Brux Software Solutions Ltd.
And iClaim Legal Notices and Policies

Legal Notices

Copyright Notice

Copyright 2003 Brux Software Solutions Ltd. All rights reserved.

No portion of iClaim Software's World Wide Web and FTP sites may be
copied or redistributed in any manner without the express written
consent of the copyright owner.

Trademark Notice
iClaim is a registered trademark.

Microsoft and Word are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
All other brands and product names may be trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners.

Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Use

You may use this web site to obtain information about Brux Software
Solutions Ltd. products, and to communicate with Brux Software Solutions Ltd. Any
other use is prohibited without the express written consent of Brux
Software Solutions Ltd.

Privacy statement

At Brux Software Solutions Ltd. we respect your right to privacy.
We will never under any circumstances sell or otherwise pass on
your name and e-mail information to a third party.

What information do we collect?
When you purchase software from Brux Software Solutions Ltd.,
we collect personal information to allow us to fulfill your order and
provide technical support services. Information we collect may
include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address
and credit card information.

Security of Information
Brux Software Solutions Ltd. will take reasonable precautions to protect
your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access,
disclosure, unauthorized alteration, destruction or other malfeasance.

Brux Software Solutions Refund Policy and Procedure

Brux Software Solutions strives to provide the very best in privacy and
security software solutions.
We work hard to insure our software and supporting materials
deliver the features and functions that people need and we carefully
test our products to be certain we meet these criteria.

If you determine that our software does not work as expected, please
contact us to arrange a refund if you have not downloaded our trial

To arrange a refund, complete the following steps.

Step 1. Determine Eligibility
If you wish to arrange a refund, we offer a 30-day money back
guarantee. Refunds are available to those customers who
purchased the software within the last 30 days, as demonstrated by
your proof of purchase information and who have not downloaded our
trial version. If you have this receipt, please follow the
instructions in Step 2.
If you do not have your receipt, or you did not receive one, you will
need to estimate your date of purchase, purchase price, and other
information as indicated in Step 2.

Step 2. Email your proof of purchase
To claim your refund, please forward a copy of your receipt to:
Brux Software Solutions
8 Gordon Street
Givatayim 53235

If you are unable to locate your e- receipt, you must give us your
contact information and other details so that we can locate your
order. The information you send must include the following: your full
name, estimated date of purchase, purchase price, and reason for
returning the software. The date of purchase must be within the last
30 days. E-mail this information to to be processed.

Step 3. Wait for confirmation
We will send you an email that notifies you of your eligibility for a
refund based on the proof of purchase you provide to us and on our
trial version download information. If your request for a refund is
confirmed, a credit will be processed to you in your preferred manner.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact sales
via e-mail at